Fall Conditioning

While distance running will give a basketball player a solid base for the rigors of October/November Try-outs, coaches and players alike need to remember that basketball is a sprinting game. Fast breaks, defensive transition, quick cuts on the half court, and explosive moves need to be conditioned for too. Be sure to incorportate some middle and shorter runs/sprints into the workouts. Gradually shorten the distance and increase the effort as you near the beginning of try-outs. And don't forget jumping, strength conditioning, and individual skill improvement in the conditioning program. The best way to condition for basketball is to do as many basketball related drills and skills as possible.

Big men, don't forget The Daily Four: Mikan Drill, Tipping, Put-backs, and Free Throws. For more information on pre-season conditioning, see Player Development on this site and/or check out my latest book, Power Post Play.


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Fall Conditioning

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