8 Coaching Tips to a Good Fast Break
Battenberg and the Fast Break

1. Practice the fast break every day. Drill every day, work it into controlled scrimmages, and attack 
with it against every  opponent. 

2. Insist everyone runs their lanes hard on every fast break drill, every fast break opportunity,
every single day.

3. Pass the ball up the sideline rather than dribbling it up court. The pass is faster then the
dribble - always.

4. Feature your big man running hard down the center of the court. Insist he out-hustle his
opposing center.

5. Less dribble, more pass. Insist players "give it up" and then "get it back."

6. Attack the basket from the wings and the post. Don't settle for the early outside shot.

7. If a sideline pass is not available, the point guard should dribble toward the middle of the
court, looking for a potential pass ahead in the middle lane  or the opposite side lane (cross court).

8. When the initial break is stopped (primary break), immediately move to a secondary break
(early offense) featuring an inside player or your best all-around player.


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Tips to a Good Fast Break 
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