Set a Goal to Set Some Goals

A person who wants to become more productive in sports and life would be wise to use the motivational powers of goal setting.  While a goal is something we may be trying to obtain, setting the goal is the first action that needs to be considered.

There are many worthwhile goals in sports as well as in life.  Why and how these goals are established can make all the difference in obtaining success.  A specific goal is much easier to work towards than a general goal.  By breaking the general goal down into parts, the athlete can work on one specific concept at a time and really focus on it.  For instance, working to become a better shooter is a more specific goal than just aiming to become a better basketball player.  Developing a good follow through on the shot is even more specific than just becoming a better shooter.

Writing the goal down on a piece of paper or white board serves as a daily, visual reminder of the specific goal.  The note should be posted where the athlete will see it everyday, such as on a bathroom mirror, a bedroom door, or the refrigerator.  A constant reminder helps keep the athlete focused and motivated to obtain the goal.

An attainable goal is also an important consideration.  If the goal is unattainable or close to impossible to accomplish, the athlete will soon give up and lose interest in the goal.  Make goals that are reasonably attainable and then reestablish new goals when the original ones are met.  This way, success at reaching one goal will serve as motivation for setting and reaching more difficult goals. As an example, a baseball pitcher might want to become the best in his league.  First, he will need to become the best on his own team.  Maybe that will require better control on the mound with his pitches.  An attainable goal for the immediate future might be to throw more strikes and walk fewer opponents.  As he accomplishes this “control” goal, he will save energy by throwing fewer pitches, keep more opponents from reaching base, and win more games.  With this progression, he will have a better chance of becoming the best pitcher on his own team. 

            Attainable goals and specific goals are two important considerations when an athlete is trying to improve in a sport.  Be specific in what you want to accomplish and make sure you have a reasonable goal to pursue.  The key is to set a goal, then work as hard as you can to accomplish it.  Start today and “Set a Goal to Set Some Goals.”


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