Off Season Improvement

June is the time of year basketball players should be deep into their off-season Improvement Program. Besides working on shooting, ball-handling, and post moves, a player should be working on physical development too. Rope jumping for quickness and footwork, weights for strength and stability, and agility work should be a part of a player's off-season routine too.

High school players may or may not have access to Personal Trainers, school training programs, or self-directed programs. For those looking for a guide to self-directed programs, see the "Player Development" section of this site. When looking for outside help in training, be sure to find a reputable person who knows what they are doing. Check out their credentials and seek references from past successful clients. Don't get caught up in a program that may cause injury or waste time and money.

With the modern advances in training and conditioning, there are a multitude of opportunities for athletes to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Take advantage of this in the off-season and watch your game improve next fall.

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