Using a Young Post Player

A young, tall post player needs time and a chance to develop. Rather than setting him on the bench,
devise a simple offense where he can be effective. If the player is right handed, he will be most
effective at the left low post position. Have him set up above the left block and limit him to:

1. Offensive Rebounding
2. Baseline drop-step when it is open
3. Counter move jump hook to the middle if the defense over-plays the baseline
4. Pass it back out to perimeter players when a high percentage shot is not available.

By limiting his area of operation and potential scoring options, you simplify the game for him
and allow him to gain confidence while still putting maximum pressure on the opponent. The
right side of the court is left open for more experienced and talented players to operate, plus,
they can cut around the post on the left side, using him as a screen. If the opponents do not
block out your post on shot attempts, he will be a serious threat to rebound and get an easy
score. When the post has poor hands or is just suffering from a bad night, his teammates do
not even need to pass him the ball. He can be used as a screener and rebounder, plus, have
his size available on the defensive end to intimidate opponents inside.


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